On Hiatus

I’m taking a break from Up For Grabs. Until the month of December I didn’t realize how much time I was putting into posting book giveaways. Unfortunately maintaining this site is taking away from other areas of my life and I’m feeling the lack of time that comes in this crazy, virtual world we live in.

I will leave the comments section of the Book Giveaways┬ápage active. If you’d like to promote your book giveaway simply leave a comment on the Book Giveaways page. Please be sure to include a direct link to your giveaway so visitors can easily find it.


Here are some places to find and list book giveaways:

Your fellow book bloggers. Several of the bloggers with giveaways listed on the Book Giveaways page also list giveaways from around the blogging community on their blog side bars or write up weekly giveaway posts. Please stop by and check out these blogs. Add their feeds to your reader program so that you don’t miss anything.

The Early Reviewers program at Librarything has a thread for contests. If you are not already a member it’s free to join.

The Book Blogs site has a thread for What books are you giving away?. Once again if you’re not a member it’s free to join.

West of Mars — Win a Book

Free Book Friday


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